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Finally available in Denmark. Osmium is a precious metal with a great future. Anyone with a portfolio containing precious metals should also consider osmium. We are the Danish Osmium Institute and would be happy to advise you.

Welcome To the Osmium-Institute Denmark

We introduce Osmium to Denmark.

We are the contact for local osmium dealers in Denmark, for buyers, sellers as well as for the press and media

We stand for security. Certified crystalline osmium with certificate of authenticity

The Osmium Institute Denmark looks for local osmium dealers in Denmark and is and is responsible for the introduction of osmium to the Danish market

We are the Danish Osmium Institute and the go-to place for press and television to get information about osmium and its uses. We answer questions regarding all scientific and economic topics related to osmium.

Osmium is crystallized exclusively in Switzerland. In Germany, the osmium is certified, weighed and measured under high resolution scans. A unique identification code is assigned to each piece and entered into the national osmium database. Then, the osmium is delivered to Denmark.

Why Osmium?

Anyone whose portfolio already contains precious metals should consider osmium, too. Its low volatility smoothes the portfolio, as it does not correlate with other precious metals. It is still considered as an insider tip and and is comparatively inexpensive, considering its rarity, and its value density being 30 times higher than that of gold. It is 1,500 times rarer than gold but only 40 times as expensive.


Osmium Diamonds are processed into jewellery.


The Osmium Disk is available in different sizes. It is suitable for investment.

Osmium Disk

Element OS76

Osmium is an element from the group of precious metals. It is the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world.

Because osmium is an element, it cannot be manufactured artificially. It is rare and will most likely run out in the not so distant future. Experts have calculated that only one cubic meter of osmium can be mined worldwide.

Become a Partner

If you already deal in gold and silver, or have a network of people in finance or real estate, you should consider becoming a partner. We offer free training programs, free certification as a partner and working in a great team at attractive conditions.


Osmium is available in more than 40 different forms. The most popular are osmium bars and osmium disks – they provide the highest value density since they are laser cut and no processing charges are added to the gram price.

osmium team denmark


Do you have questions about osmium? We look forward to you. We would be happy to show you the rarest precious metal in the world.

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The easiest way to get Osmium is via online purchase. Select the pices you would like to have on our website and get a safe delivery directly from the Osmium-Institute.

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We are also happy to get in touch with you. If you prefer personal contact, Osmium partners in Denmark are happy to meet you.

„Osmium, the precious metal of superlatives.“ 

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